AEG HKB95540NB Built-in Hob


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More confidence in the flame

The AEG gas hob with FlameLight adds a new level of safety and confidence to cooking with gas. The bright LED lights tell you at a glance if a burner is turned on or off, and if a pan support is still hot after use. So you can concentrate on making great-tasting food.

Perfect results with the Food Sensor

No more guessing if your burners are turned on or off. FlameLight LED indicators let you clearly see at a glance if the knobs are turned on or off. And a useful residual heat indicator offers instant visual feedback on whether any pan supports are still hot.

Warning buzzer if flame is left on

With this hob, you will never leave the gas on again. If a control knob is turned on for a long period, it will cause a buzzer to sound, reminding you that you need to turn off the flame.

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  • Hobs Dimensions : 880×510
  • Aperture dimensions HxWxD in mm : 40x830x480
  • Radius cutting : 10
  • Max power gas, W : 10900
  • Cord Length : 1.1
  • Hob safety : Thermocouple
  • Left front – Power/Diameter : 2000W/80mm
  • Middle front – Power/Diameter : 0W/0mm
  • Middle rear – Power/Diameter : 0W/0mm
  • Rear – Power/Diameter : 2000W/80mm
  • Right front – Power/Diameter : 1000W/65mm
  • Right rear – Power/Diameter : 2000W/80mm
  • Gas supply: natural gas : G20 (2H) 20 mbar
  • Gas replacement : G30/G31 (3+) 28-30/37 mbar, With Additional Injectors
  • Gas replacement : No
  • Residual heat indicator : No
  • Led Colour : Red
  • Product Partner Code : All Open
  • Gas on glass hob
  • Steel capped control knobs
  • Rotary front controls on glass panel
  • Rotary controls
  • Cast iron pan supports
  • Automatic integrated ignition
  • Safety gas cut off using thermocouples
  • Front left burner: Semi-rapid 2kW burner
  • The hob comes complete with a convenient minute minder, allowing you to monitor the progress.
  • This feature enables you to switch on your cooker hood and lights as you start cooking on your hob.
  • Maximum heat generated through the new multicrown burner for wok cooking and great taste.